Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance

Stress Free Ownership with Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance at Parkway Genesis

While there are no shortage of advantages to car ownership here in the Santa Clarita, CA area, the regular need for maintenance and auto service is one side that drivers everywhere view as an inconvenience. Here at Parkway Genesis, we're committed to the continued satisfaction of our customers, and in order to deliver an unparalleled sense of convenience and bliss, we are proud to offer complimentary scheduled maintenance to new Genesis owners, so that all regular maintenance is covered for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

With the ability to schedule service appointments online, the sense of convenience begins right from the start, and once you arrive at our location, our team will get right to work on your vehicle and ensuring that it is operating at its best-possible capacity for the duration of your time with the vehicle. Also included in the complimentary scheduled maintenance package are complimentary oil changes every 7,500 miles. With advantages such as these, the joys of driving a new Genesis are significantly enhanced, while the potential inconveniences fall away in favor of a sense of unparalleled bliss.

Advantages for Drivers in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Burbank, Simi Valley, and Beyond

Here at Parkway Genesis, we're proud to offer unparalleled advantages to drivers in the greater Los Angeles area, so that they can experience the satisfaction and convenience that they deserve. If your Genesis model is approaching a service milestone, schedule your next appointment, and we'll look forward to welcoming you to our location at 24050 Creekside Rd, Santa Clarita, CA. Once here our team of auto service experts will get right to work on your vehicle, and in no time you'll be setting out on the adventures of your future, enjoying the unbeatable convenience and advantages of complimentary maintenance.

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