Sirius XM Traffic & Travel Link

Genesis Ownership Includes SiriusXM Radio and Travel Link at Parkway Genesis

Bored with what is playing on the regular radio station? Ready to incorporate a new satellite radio program that incorporates more than just music, including the traffic patterns that you may routinely drive in? Complimentary SiriusXM satellite radio and traffic in the new Genesis model you purchase here at Parkway Genesis can massively upgrade the entertainment expectations you carry into your commuting schedule.

SiriusXM radio delivers you channels that you may never have previously imagined getting access to, broadly covering sports, politics, music and so much more. This package even keeps you up to date on current news and weather patterns, so that you remain prepared throughout your day and well aware of what to expect. The SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link, available with navigation system-equipped Genesis models, can provide a clear idea of the traffic patterns ahead of you, where the delays are, and what the most efficient path forward happens to be.

Transforming your experience of local stations into something much more appetizing, while catering to the things that you enjoy and the topics that you're passionate about, SiriusXM satellite radio is a premiere source of entertainment that we're confident every new Genesis owner can look forward to here at Parkway Genesis. To learn all about the SiriusXM satellite radio package in your vehicle, the specific applications that you can expect to enjoy, and the other perks that accompany this product, please give our sales team a call soon! We would be happy to walk you through everything!

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